Box Set/Compilation/Appearances

Swing & Dine-1968

Sweet Sensation-1970/71

Rivers Of Babylon-The Best Of 1967-73


Irie Feeling-1983

Lyrics to Riddim-2013


* Rivers Of Babylon [1967-73]
* Swing And Dine [196X-7X]


* Jimi Cliff-The Harder They Come
* 16 Dynamic Reggae Hits-This Beautiful Land
* A Live Injection-The Round And Round
* A Place Called Africa-Come Ethiopians Come
* Ba Ba Boom Duke Reid-Passion Love
* Best Of Beverley's Records-It Took A Miracle, Rock It With Me
* By Special Request- What More Can I Say
* By The Rivers Of Babylon-The Rivers Of Babylon
* Cafe Jamaica-Swing And Dine
* Club Reggae Vol 1-Rivers Of Babylon
* Cultural Dub-River Of Babylon
* Duke Reid's Treasure Chest-Come On Little, You Don't Need Me, I'll Get Along Without You, You Caught Me
* Dynamic Rockers-Bless The Sunshine
* Gas Greatest Hits- Ring Of Gold
* Hey Boy Hey Girl-Ring Of Gold
* History Of Trojan Records 1968-71-Rivers Of Babylon
* History Of Trojan Records 1972-95-This Beautiful Land
* Hottest Hits-Come On Little Girl
* Hottest Hits Vol 2- You Don't Need Me, I'll Get Along Without You
* House Of Lovers-The Bells Of My Heart
* Leslie Kong's Connection vol 1-Sweet Sensation, It Took A Miracle, Let's Give Praise & Thanks
* Leslie Kong's Connection vol 2-Rock It With Me, It's My Delight, Rivers Of Babylon
* Musical Feast-Little Nut Tree, Swing & Dine
* Original Jamaican Classics vol 3-You've Caught Me Baby, You Don't Need Me
* Ranking Miss P Presents Sweet Harmony-Rivers Of Babylon
* Reggae Chartbusters-Sweet Sensation
* Reggae Love Songs-Sweet Sensation
* Reggae To Reggae-This Tropical Land
* The Harder They Come-Rivers Of Babylon, Sweet Sensation, It's My Delight
* The Heavy Sounds Are On Dynamic-This Beautiful Land
* The Original Labour Of Love Collection-Sweet Sensation, It's My Delight
* This Is Reggae Music-Rivers Of Babylon
* Tighten Up Vol 4-Creation Version
* Treasure Isle Presents Tribute To Peckings-You've Caught Me Baby
* Trojan Jamaican Hits Box Set-It Comes And Goes
* Trojan Lovers Box Set-Ring Of Gold, You Don't Need Me
* Trojan Mod Reggae Box Set Vol 2-Come On Little Girl
* Trojan Originals Box Set-Sweet Sensation, It's My Delight, Rivers Of Babylon
* Trojan Ras Reggae Box Set-Irie Feelings
* Trojan Records Sampler 2002-Sweet Sensation
* Trojan Reggae For Kids Box Set-Little Nut Tree
* Trojan Rocksteady Box Set-Little Nut Tree, Swing And Dine, I Will Get Along Without You
* Trojan Singles Box Set-Banana Water
* Trojan Singles Collection-Sweet Sensation
* Trojan Sunshine Reggae Box Set-Bless The Sunshine
* Trojan UK Hits Box Set-Sweet Sensation, Rivers Of Babylon
* Version Galore-You Have Caught Me, You Don't Need Me, Everybody Bawling, Last Train To Ecstasy
* Young Gifted And Black-Rivers Of Babylon
* Your Ace From Space